Buying a TV? Flat Panels vs. Projectors.

TV Vs Projector

We’ve been in our present home for over 2 years and like our last home, wanted a home theater in this one. In this house, it meant upgrading our den. I had to decide whether to purchase a projector and 110” (horizontal) screen or get a large flat panel TV.

 When it came to screen size, I’ve always felt bigger is better, which favors the projector option.  However, the projector solution has downsides. Projectors need a darkened room, which is easier with a dedicated home theater, than an open den that’s attached to the kitchen. This meant mostly nighttime viewing.  While a dedicated home theater can usually mean a fixed screen on the wall, our den would require an expensive motorized screen that retracts into the ceiling. Otherwise a big rectangular box on the ceiling would be unsightly. Also, projectors use expensive bulbs, which need to be replaced periodically.