How To Get Music That's Even Higher Quality Than CDs

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There are some who may read this and say, "that's easy, just play vinyl record albums. After all, doesn't analog always sound better?" That's not always the case as I've written in an earlier newsletter.We're not knocking the sound of CDs. They can sound fine and usually much better than compressed music such as MP3s

The Importance of Choosing The Right Surround Mode

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 Today's audio/video receivers come with a mind-boggling amount of features and thick owners manuals, which can be intimidating. Few people I know have the patience to read these cover to cover. Personally, I'd rather read a 4 year old magazine in a doctor's waiting room. One section that is worthwhile to read is the one

Does Live Always Sound Better Than Your Home Theater System?

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To answer this, I'd like to relate an experience we about a year and half ago. We are fans of the group Linkin Park. When the opportunity arose to see them live, we jumped. Got the best seats we could for sonic wonderfulness - dead center. There is nothing quite like experiencing live music: the

How To Build A Cheap Speaker

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If it seems as if the price of everything has gone up over the years, just look at speakers. Back when we started in 1970, a good bookshelf speaker sold for about $200 (although we sold equivalent speakers factory-direct for less than that). Recently, I've seen complete 5.1 systems in the newspaper for $199 including

Do Speakers Need To Be Placed Away From Walls For Best Sound?

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People ask us if our speakers need to be on stands or if they can be wall mounted or placed on shelves. Traditionally in stereo systems, it is usually better to place the speakers away from the wall on stands. This allows them to have depth and image better.      If you're setting up a