RSL’s original award-winning, expectation-

shattering, game-changing speaker line.

Our award-winning RSL CG4 speaker line was designed from top to bottom to shatter everything you thought you knew about bookshelf speakers. The goal was not just to introduce a few more good speakers, but to take a monumental step forward.

Starting at $2,075.


Cast aluminum
frame woofers

gloss finish

Front ported

metal grilles

Remote controlled
bass adjustment

CG4 Bookshelf Speaker

Premium parts, superior design, breath-taking performance.
Satisfying to the demanding audiophile, affordable to the audio novice.

The award-winning CG4 is an audio milestone, and the heart of our revolutionary CG4 speaker systems. The CG4 has one focus – realism. Where most exceptional speakers sound like exceptional speakers, the CG4 does not. The CG4 sounds like reality, as if what you’re hearing is actually happening in front of you. The spectacular imaging, incredible clarity, and remarkable timbre, create the sound of a live performance, rather than an in-home reproduction. The CG4 reveals so many subtle details of the recording, you’ll feel like you’re hearing your favorite songs and movies for the first time all over again.

The CG4 offers a level of performance that has never been achieved at such a price.

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CG24 Monitor / Center Channel

Premium parts, superior design, breath-taking performance.
The versatility to be positioned vertically or horizontally.

Like the CG4, the award-winning CG24 is also a ground breaker. Its clarity, imaging, and transparency are second to none in its class. The subtle presence of the CG24’s additional woofer brings the sound image slightly deeper into your room. Great for dialogue or those who prefer a touch of warmth. The CG24 can be used horizontally or vertically as either a center or a front left and right channel.

The CG24 mirrors the CG4’s performance both in spaciousness and realism, but provides the sensation of sitting slightly closer to the soundstage.

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Speedwoofer 10 Analog Subwoofer

The ultimate combination of power and precision.
A master of movies and music. Never be forced to choose again.

Its not every day that audiophiles and engineers get the chance to collaborate and construct without any restrictions or budgetary constraints. When such opportunities arise, dreams are made into reality. A prime example of this is the award-winning Speedwoofer 10 Analog.
Nothing about the Speedwoofer 10 Analog is ordinary. From it’s patented, performance-boosting enclosure design, to its cast-frame, high-excursion woofer and pure analog amplifier; this Speedwoofer boasts an unmatched combination of power and precision. Capable of shaking walls or articulating the subtle detail of instruments, the Speedwoofer is a master of both movies and music.

In addition to its hand-painted gloss finish, this Speedwoofer offers a one-of-a-kind remote control system that maintains function even with the sub completely hidden

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CG3’s beautiful cabinets hide our next-generation patented cabinet resonance reduction tech.


Standard hollow cabinets do not address cabinet resonance. Resonance adds distortion which reduces sound quality. Speakers sound boxy and unnatural. Subwoofers are slower, prone to slop, and lack articulation.


Compression Guide reduces cabinet resonance. Sound remains pure and unaltered. Speakers sound natural and life-like. Subwoofers become drastically faster and more articulate. Bass stays tight and clean at all frequencies.