DVD Covers

When we ask our customers about what they use their systems for, they’ll tell us that it’s mostly movies and some music. Digging a little deeper, we ask about what kind of music they play on their system. The most common answers are CD’s, MP3’s, iPod, and Internet radio such as Pandora. It’s not too often that people say they listen to concert DVDs.

For music lovers, there is a treasure waiting to be discovered. Depending on your age, many of the musicians you may have grown up with still go on concert tours. Quite often they release these concerts on DVD and Blu-ray. These discs are recorded in 5.1 (and occasionally 7.1) surround. Quite often, the sound quality is absolutely stunning! It is way beyond stereo. With stereo, 2 speakers have to do all of the heavy lifting. They have to provide a broad 3 dimensional image and relate the acoustics of the environment in which it was recorded.

With a 5.1 system, the surround speakers can recreate the acoustics of the concert venue along with the audience. They can also place the musicians around you. Listening to a well recorded DVD or Blu-ray over a reference quality system such as the RSL 5.1 system can be a lifelike experience (sometimes even better if you didn’t get optimum seats at the concert).

Some examples of my favorite concerts include, the Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Doobie Brothers, Eagles, Crosby Stills & Nash, James Taylor, Adele, Diana Krall, Eric Clapton, Simon & Garfunkel, Genesis, Fleetwood Mac, to name just a few. I also heard some classical music on Blu-ray that sound much better than any classical CD or album I’ve heard. Blu-ray concerts can be recorded in the ultimate surround formats of Dolby True HD or DTS Master HD. DVDs will be recorded in DTS or Dolby Digital and will also sound excellent.

If you haven’t heard a well-recorded surround concert over a great system you owe it to yourself to experience this. You may never want to buy scalper tickets again.