A: Buying from a family owned business can be a good way to ensure that you’ll receive excellent treatment and customer service. And we’re no exception. But thats not enough. Great service is a plus, but it doesn’t make a speaker sound good. Thats where our craftsmanship and 40+ years of experience come into play. We’ve been building speakers since 1970 and have developed quite a reputation since. Because we’ve never compromised the quality of our parts to save a buck, many of our vintage speakers are still going strong today. a. Ok, so experience – check. Quality parts & craftsmanship – check. But here’s the real ace up our sleeve – Compression Guide Technology. Its our patented discovery, and its what makes our speakers sound oh so good. Read more about Compression Guide Technology. b. Last but not least is our feedback and return policy. In this day and age, its all about feedback. And we have plenty. Our speakers have been reviewed and raved about by major publications like Home Theater Magazine; who named us a “Top Pick of 2011” with 5 stars in all categories. Our customer feedback is also outstanding. We maintain a 5 star average rating for all of our products, with no exceptions or fabrications. The icing on the cake is our industry leading satisfaction guarantee and return policy. Since we pay return shipping and don’t charge restocking fees, trying our speakers is truly 100% risk-free.