A: Absolutely.  The two speakers sound very similar. The CG23 and CG24 add a touch of midrange presence without sacrificing a smooth response curve. This is a preferable characteristic from a center channel.

While the CG3 and 4 are technically more neutral, some people enjoy the subtle presence (warmth) from the CG23 and CG24. This is a matter of personal preference. If you prefer a slightly warmer speaker, use CG23s or CG24s for your front left and right channels. If transparency is your ultimate goal, select CG3s and CG4s instead.

The addition of a second woofer also allows the CG23, CG24 to reproduce frequencies slightly deeper than the CG3, CG4. If you plan to pair the speakers with a subwoofer larger than a 12″, the CG23 and CG24 will better allow for seamless integration.