Help us to reduce or eliminate the return fee!
We don’t like charging a return fee. It has become necessary in order to protect our low prices from inflation.

Returns are a key component of pricing. Believe it or not, the majority of returned Speedwoofers are never even listened to. With your help, we can mitigate this fee or possibly even eliminate it altogether. Please consider the following before you add to cart!

  • Measure twice, Order once” Please double check the dimensions and make sure the Speedwoofer(s) will fit its intended location.
  • Our style may not be your style” Please check with significant others that the Speedwoofer color and aesthetic works with your decor.
  • Audition, Audition, Audition…” Even if the Speedwoofer is smaller than you imagined (see points above), don’t assume you need bigger until you actually listen!
  • Consult us” Integrating a subwoofer can be a little tricky. We will make it easier. We’ll provide advice, recommendations, and ensure your settings are dialed in correctly.

We will always strive to offer the lowest prices possible.

Thank you and best regards,
The RSL Team

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