RSL 30 Day Trial Period – Terms & Conditions


RSL’s 30 day trial period applies in the contiguous 48 states, to all RSL speakers. Third party products do not apply (such as receivers and speaker mounts). Our risk-free trial period is intended for you to evaluate our speakers in a comfortable and honest environment; without the pressure of a commissioned sales staff. However, if you would like to speak to a fast-talking, high-pressure sales-persuasion specialist; we can provide one via video-chat (for an extra fee of course).

International Orders: RSL’s 30 day trial period does apply to international orders. International customers are responsible for return shipping costs, as well as any import duties, taxes, or fees applied to the return. Duties, taxes, and fees should be waived by US customs for returns, as long as the shipping documentation properly properly indicates the item as a return. International customers may use the shipping carrier of their choice, and are responsible for all documentation required for the return. Initial outbound shipping costs are not eligible for refund.

Our trial period is simple: If you decide not to keep the speakers, please return them the same way you receive them. To facilitate this, we have provided a list of terms and conditions below. We can’t make you read them, but they’ll apply regardless; so might as well.

  • In order to preserve our 30 day trial period policy, and our ridiculously low prices, RSL Speakers offers one trial period (one shipment) per customer. In a perfect world, we would offer multiple trial periods to everyone. Actually, we wouldn’t need to charge for our speakers at all… But in this reality, we are relegated to one trial period per person. If you’d like to know how best to use our trial period, just give is a call. We’ll help you out!
    • *** RSL Speedwoofer trial period: Our risk-free trial period applies to one Speedwoofer per person. The Speedwoofer may be considered small, but it’s more powerful than many expect. If you’re considering multiples, we ask that you start with one first.
      • 11/17/2023 – RSL’s Speedwoofer trial has been updated to include a flat return shipping fee of $50 per unit. This is due to rising costs of logistics and domestic shipping. This will apply whether the Speedwoofer is purchased individually or as a part of a system. As circumstances improve, we will update our trial period accordingly. ***
  • RSL’s trial period begins upon the date of speaker delivery, not the date ordered (that would be kind of unfair).
  • When your order arrives, make sure to inspect all speakers for damage. If you find any damage that you did not specifically request, please notify us right away so that we can correct the issue. Please do this within 7 days of the date of delivery. Beyond that, FedEx just laughs at us, and will not reimburse us if the damage was caused by shipping. While occasional freight damage is inevitable, these instances are quite rare – especially since we pack our speakers like they’re going to the moon.
  • When inspecting your speakers to make sure they’ve arrived in the correct condition, please also make sure to verify the accuracy of the order. If anything is missing, please let us know right away. If you’ve received anything extra that you didn’t order – photographic evidence of unicorns, or plans for sustainable cold fusion – please also notify us right away.
  • Please retain all packing materials during your 30 day trial period.
  • In the extremely rare event that you’re not blown away with your speakers (maybe you have an aversion to craftsmanship, or maybe you prefer speakers that give you that “reproduced from a box” type of sound (we’re not judging), kindly notify us within your 30 day trial period. Return notification can be requested by phone or email. Carrier pigeon is no longer accepted, and smoke signals may be lost in our daily LA air pollution.
  • To be eligible for return, the speakers must be in UNALTERED, LIKE-NEW CONDITION, AND COMPLETE WITH ALL ACCESSORIES AND PACKING MATERIALS. Yes, we’ve bolded and used all caps… We’re not trying to shout, just attempting to carefully articulate. When a speaker comes back to us, we pamper it to get it ready for a new home. But when that speaker looks like it was dragged across asphalt, it can make reconditioning difficult or impossible. This puts us in an uncomfortable position, in which we must notify you that the return cannot be accepted – or that a restocking fee will apply. WE DON’T WANT THIS! What we want is to offer our trial period so that everyone can hear our speakers in a comfortable setting, with absolute peace of mind. So PLEASE, take care of the speakers until you decide to keep them. Please use the rubber feet provided or set the speakers on a soft cloth, to protect the bottoms from contact scratches.
  • When a return notification is received, we will issue a return shipping label and email it to you along with the instructions for the return. Please read these instructions so that you know how to properly pack the speakers for the return journey. If freight damage occurs from return shipping – and we determine this is because the speakers were packed incorrectly – then we face an uncomfortable conversation about the speakers not being eligible for return, or a restocking fee being applied. We don’t want this! So please take an extra moment to pack the speakers correctly.
  • Once you’ve received your return label and instructions, the item(s) need to be dropped off at a FedEx shipping location within the following 7 days. That’s one week from the date of receipt of the label, not to be confused with 7 weeks or 7 cycles of the moon.
  • If the return consists of multiple boxes, the boxes must be shipped altogether at the same time. Each box will have its own tracking number, but one will be the master tracking number for the entire shipment. If items were to be shipped separately, the freight would be substantially higher and we would have to withhold the cost difference from the refund. So please ship all items together, and at the same time. Besides, who wants to make separate trips?
  • When we receive your speakers back, we will do an inspection. Each speaker will be weighed, x-rayed, and tested for performance in a zero gravity simulation chamber. Actually, we don’t over-scrutinize. All we’re looking to see is that the speakers are still in like-new, working condition and worthy of a new home. If they are like-new and performing as intended, we will issue your refund in full, and leave you to ponder the silence that lies in the absence of our speakers.
  • If our inspection reveals damage from incorrect packing, mishandling or abuse, or if there are missing accessories; we will determine if the speakers are eligible for return. If eligible, a restocking charge will apply. The final amount of the restocking charge will be directly based on the amount of damage and/or the cost of missing items (the minimum is 15%). In a worst case scenario, if the speakers are damaged to the point that reconditioning and resale are not possible at all, they will be sent back to you at your cost! You will also be charged for the cost that we incurred for the return shipping back to us. WE DO NOT WANT THIS! We don’t even like writing about it. So please… keep your speakers clean and nice until you decide to keep them! (We hope you’ll care for them after that too.)

The following are scenarios that do NOT fall under the terms of our trial period. Shipping and or re-stocking charges may apply in these instances.

  • Order cancellation. If an order needs to be cancelled, we need to be notified ASAP, before the order has shipped. If an order is cancelled after it has shipped, you will be charged for the roundtrip shipping costs that will be incurred. Please be mindful of this when placing your order. In the interest of providing the best possible service to you, we process and ship orders very quickly. An order placed in the afternoon or evening will normally ship the next business day. Orders placed before 10am PST Monday through Friday will often ship the same day. So the window to cancel an order may be small. Once an order has shipped, it cannot be stopped. The order will reach your local FedEx facility before it can be re-sorted and returned to us, with full roundtrip shipping charges being applied. These charges will subsequently be passed along to you, as an order cancellation does not constitute an in-home trial. This is a scenario that we would like to avoid, so again please order mindfully. Lastly, please be aware that one order cancellation is allowed per customer. Subsequent order cancellations will be granted, but any credit card, Paypal, or processing fees that RSL has absorbed will be withheld from the refund. Cancellations for orders valued at over $1500 are entitled to a refund, less any credit card or PayPal fees that RSL has absorbed.
  • Signature upon delivery. For orders under $1000, a signature upon delivery can be selected and purchased during checkout. Orders over $1000 will always require a signature (at no additional charge). If an order is returned to us because FedEx cannot acquire a signature (whether requested or required), you will be charged for round-trip shipping costs. When a signature upon delivery is requested or required, FedEx will make three total delivery attempts over the course of three days (one attempt per day). If a signature cannot be acquired, FedEx will return the order to your local processing facility where it will be held for 5 days for customer pick-up. A government issued ID is required for pick-up. If the order is not picked up within the 5 days, it is returned to us and we are billed for roundtrip shipping. This cost will be passed along to you and subtracted from your refund. Please don’t let that happen. Please plan your order carefully to ensure successful delivery. If you need any help with this, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can provide estimated delivery dates and even plan our shipping to accommodate your schedule. When your order ships, please use the tracking number that we provide to follow the order. If you don’t have a computer, just give us a call. We’ll be happy to track it for you.
  • Orders shipped outside of the continental 48 states. We provided highly discounted shipping rates for international customers as well as orders to Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories. These rates are not refundable in the event of a return. RSL does not cover return shipping outside of the continental 48 states. If a return is made from outside the United States, duties and taxes may apply. These are not covered by RSL and will be withheld from the refund. We will inform customs that the shipment is a return, but they may charge anyway (this is beyond our control).
  • Wow. We’re done and out of breath!

With all of that out of the way, please keep this in mind…

Since 1970, we’ve been a family-owned company out of Los Angeles California. Over the years we have been blessed with wonderful customers and established many friendships. This is what we love most about what we do… that and sharing our passion for sound.

Our intention is to remain small and family-run so that we can stay true to what’s most important – giving you our very best. From old-fashioned customer service (call us, you’ll never get an automated system), to speakers that outperform their price, to risk-free in-home auditions; we strive to give you what larger companies don’t. The terms above are in place to ensure we can continue giving you our best, without compromise.