One of our favorite brands of audio/video receivers is Integra. Integra is the higher end of Onkyo (like what Lexus is to Toyota). They have great features and sound fabulous! We have used Integra receivers to demonstrate our home theater systems at the past two T.H.E. Shows in Newport Beach. I also use one in my home theater.

We have a resource for great deals on Integra receivers that we’d like to share with you. We have a friend in a neighboring community who has a home theater store. He carries some of the finest equipment including Integra. He often gets factory refurbished units. These are usually current models. He sells these receivers for typically 30% off or more. They include a 2 year warranty. I don’t know why they call them refurbished. I’ve bought several and every one I’ve opened looked brand new to me and has worked flawlessly.

At these prices, they are hard to beat. For more info, contact Jay Frank at Evolution Home Theater (818)879-1312. Tell them we sent you. We don’t get anything for this plug.