CES 2014 CES Crowd

We got back from CES in Vegas last week. Saw a lot of cool stuff including 4K OLED sets and somebody even showed an 8K set! We also went to the Venetian Hotel where all they demonstrate high end audio for the purpose of checking out the ultra-high end speakers. We wanted to make certain that our speakers still compete with the best and to gather new ideas. We saw very expensive speakers along with high end audio components. However, more often than not, they weren’t playing any music! People in the room were talking to each other and not auditioning the equipment. In some other rooms, when we did hear music, it was usually only one instrument like a violin. Other times, just a few pieces of brass. Half the time, the volume was so low, you could barely hear it. I just wish that they would play more music with plenty of variety, including vocals at a satisfying volume. It costs them a lot of money to showcase their products at CES. I think they should take more advantage of the opportunity.