A: Normally no. Even in large home theaters, our customers tell us they can’t turn up our Speedwoofer 10 all the way. We always suggest that you try one first. You could always add a second one later. There is a situation where a second subwoofer might be helpful. Some rooms have terrible bass distribution. This causes the bass to be intense in some locations and lacking in others. Usually, this problem can be solved by relocating the subwoofer. However, if this doesn’t solve the problem or you don’t have the flexibility to relocate the subwoofer, a second subwoofer may be advisable to make the bass more even throughout. Also, there are some who have extremely large room, can’t get enough of bone-rattling bass, or both. If you fall into the later category, a second Speedwoofer 10 will give you intense bass that borders on a religious experience.