Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use CG23s or CG24s as my left and right channels instead of CG4s?2017-07-21T11:58:15-07:00

A: Absolutely.  The two speakers sound very similar. The CG23 and CG24 add a touch of midrange presence without sacrificing a smooth response curve. This is a preferable characteristic from a center channel.

While the CG3 and 4 are technically more neutral, some people enjoy the subtle presence (warmth) from the CG23 and CG24. This is a matter of personal preference. If you prefer a slightly warmer speaker, use CG23s or CG24s for your front left and right channels. If transparency is your ultimate goal, select CG3s and CG4s instead.

The addition of a second woofer also allows the CG23, CG24 to reproduce frequencies slightly deeper than the CG3, CG4. If you plan to pair the speakers with a subwoofer larger than a 12″, the CG23 and CG24 will better allow for seamless integration.


Q: I noticed your speakers have different impedances: The CG4 is 8 ohms while the CG24 is 4ohms. If I use them together, at what impedance should I set my receiver?2015-12-15T13:18:15-08:00

A: Use the higher setting; set your receiver to 6 or 8 ohms (depending on the choices it gives you). The system will work perfectly this way.

Q: I noticed you sell speaker wire but what kind of wire should I get for the best performance?2015-12-15T13:17:49-08:00

A: Speaker wire comes in all price ranges from cheap to astronomical. We don’t feel it is necessary to spend a lot on wire. We recommend using either 12 gauge or 14 gauge wire (use the thicker 12 gauge for longer distances). After listening to many wire samples we’ve chosen the wire we feel sounds best for the most reasonable price. However, there are many quality choices on the market.

Q: What types of A/V receivers do you recommend for your speaker systems?2015-12-15T13:17:29-08:00

A: Customers have reported excellent results with Integra, Onkyo, and Denon. That’s not to say there aren’t other good receivers; but these are the most popular among our customers. a. If you’re looking for a receiver we have connections. Please call us for more information (800-905-5485).

Q: What’s the difference between the CG4 and the CG24?2015-12-15T13:17:10-08:00

A: The CG4 and CG24 sound virtually identical. The CG24 has an additional woofer and double compression guide technology. Translation: The CG24 has a bit more midrange presence and slightly increased bass response. If you have a particularly large room, using CG24s as left and right channels can be a good choice.

Q: Are the CG4 and CG24 wall mountable?2015-12-15T13:16:44-08:00

A: Yes. They have threaded inserts in the back that accept standard Omnimount 20.0 wall and ceiling brackets. You can find them in our product catalog.

Q: Are your speakers wireless?2015-12-15T13:16:25-08:00

A: While our speakers are not wireless, customers have used our speakers wirelessly for surrounds. There are several wireless devices that work well with our speakers. We’d be happy to recommend one.

Q: Do the speakers come in any other colors?2015-12-15T13:16:00-08:00

A: Not at this time.

Q: Do you have dealers in my area?2015-12-15T13:15:12-08:00

A: We don’t have dealers as we offer our speakers factory-direct. That allows us to keep our prices really low. If we were to offer profit to dealers, our prices would be almost double. We offer a 100% risk-free 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Q: Do you ship outside of the U.S?2015-12-15T13:14:38-08:00

A: Absolutely. We have customers all over the world. Just tell us what you’d like to order and provide your postal code. We’ll send you a discounted shipping quote.

Q: Should I get a 5.1 or a 7.1 system?2015-12-15T13:14:18-08:00

A: How big is your room? For most rooms and applications, our 5.1 system is more than enough. But if you have an unusually large room or you plan to listen to 7 channel blu-rays, our 7.1 system is the way to go.

Q: What is your return policy?2015-12-15T13:13:52-08:00

A: With RSL your satisfaction is always guaranteed. You have 30 days to test our speakers in your own home. If a you are unhappy with our speakers for any reason, you can return them for a full refund – we even pay the return shipping. Heres what to do: i. Contact us. We will arrange the return shipping. ii. Pack the speakers in their original packaging. Make sure to include all original packaging materials. iii. If the speakers are returned in “like-new” condition, a full refund will be promptly issued with NO restocking fees. iv. If speakers are returned with damage or without all of the original packaging materials, a restocking fee may apply.

Q: Why should I buy speakers that I haven’t actually heard first?2015-12-15T13:13:32-08:00

A: Because your investment is 100% protected. Our total satisfaction guarantee allows you to try the speakers in your home for 30 days. If you’re anything less than thrilled, send them back. We pay return shipping and there are no restocking fees. The bottom line: if you don’t like our speakers, you get your money back – ALL of it! a. The best place to evaluate speakers is always your home. Demonstration rooms are commonly manipulated by things not found in your home, such as: acoustical treatments, ultra high-end equipment, and uber-expensive wiring.

Q: Why buy RSL?2015-12-15T13:13:10-08:00

A: Buying from a family owned business can be a good way to ensure that you’ll receive excellent treatment and customer service. And we’re no exception. But thats not enough. Great service is a plus, but it doesn’t make a speaker sound good. Thats where our craftsmanship and 40+ years of experience come into play. We’ve been building speakers since 1970 and have developed quite a reputation since. Because we’ve never compromised the quality of our parts to save a buck, many of our vintage speakers are still going strong today. a. Ok, so experience – check. Quality parts & craftsmanship – check. But here’s the real ace up our sleeve – Compression Guide Technology. Its our patented discovery, and its what makes our speakers sound oh so good. Read more about Compression Guide Technology. b. Last but not least is our feedback and return policy. In this day and age, its all about feedback. And we have plenty. Our speakers have been reviewed and raved about by major publications like Home Theater Magazine; who named us a “Top Pick of 2011” with 5 stars in all categories. Our customer feedback is also outstanding. We maintain a 5 star average rating for all of our products, with no exceptions or fabrications. The icing on the cake is our industry leading satisfaction guarantee and return policy. Since we pay return shipping and don’t charge restocking fees, trying our speakers is truly 100% risk-free.

Q: How long is your Warranty?2015-12-15T13:12:47-08:00

A: All of our speakers come with a 5 year parts and labor warranty, which covers original materials and workmanship. Electronics, such as the subwoofer amplifier come with a 2 year parts and labor warranty.

Q: How long have you been in business?2016-12-16T09:21:13-08:00

A: Rogersound Labs was established in 1970. By the mid 1980s Rogersound Labs was the number one audio/video specialty chain in Southern California.

Q: Are you the same company as the original Rogersound Labs?2015-12-15T13:11:27-08:00

A: Yes. Although there have been some changes over the years, RSL is the same DNA and is a run by the original founder of Rogersound Labs. For more info, read About Us.

Q: Do you only offer compact speakers?2015-12-15T13:11:09-08:00

A: Yes. Over the years, we’ve built speakers of all sizes from compact to giant floor standing towers. We didn’t specifically design our current models to be compact. Our goal was to offer the largest possible soundstage. With our exclusive Compression Guide technology, these compact speakers provide the largest sound stage of any RSL model in history.

Q: Will I be sacrificing sound quality by not having large floor-standing speakers?2015-12-15T13:10:48-08:00

A: It does not matter whether speakers are compact or large floor-standing speakers as long as they can achieve the following: . Reproduce the entire range of sound from the lowest bass notes to the highest treble smoothly with no gaps or weakness in any range of sound. i. All speakers must integrate perfectly so that the listener is not aware that there is a separate subwoofer supplying the bass. ii. Achieve a giant and lifelike soundstage. a. With our Exclusive Compression Guide Technology and the finest parts, we guarantee that our system will meet the above requirements just as well as much higher priced floor-standing speakers.

Q: How long does it take to ship my speakers once I order them?2015-12-15T13:07:35-08:00

A: We normally ship within 1-2 business days. After your speakers have shipped, you will receive a copy of the invoice, which contains the FedEx tracking numbers. We are located in Southern California. If you are on the East Coast, it could normally take 4 to 5 business days.

Q: When you say you have free shipping, how do you ship?2015-12-15T13:06:31-08:00

A: We offer free shipping by FedEx Ground to the 48 states and reduced shipping costs to other areas. For shipments to other areas, please contact us. If you live close enough, we can use our catapult.

Q: My audio/video receiver or amplifier is very powerful. Will this be a problem?2015-12-15T13:06:09-08:00

A: Nope. In fact, the biggest problem is not having enough power. When an amp runs out of power it sends distortion through the speakers and can actually cause damage.

Q: Can I order my RSL system one piece at a time?2015-12-15T13:05:50-08:00

A: Yes. You shouldn’t be penalized if you if you can’t purchase all your speakers at once. Therefore, the prices are the same, regardless of whether you purchase one speaker or a whole system.

Q: What if I need help setting up my system?2015-12-15T13:05:32-08:00

A: Call us toll free at 800-905-5485. We’ll take whatever time is necessary to make sure that you achieve maximum enjoyment from your RSL Speakers.

Q: I’d like to mount the front speakers on the wall, however I’ve been told that they should be some distance from the wall. Will this be a problem?2016-12-16T09:21:13-08:00

A: Normally in a stereo system, the speakers should be spaced some distance from the wall for best imaging. However, a home theater system is a different situation. In this case, the surround channels create a three-dimensional soundscape that pulls the image out of the front speakers and surrounds the listener with sound. Therefore spacing away from the wall is not necessary.

Q: Do you offer bipole or dipole Speakers?2015-12-15T13:04:44-08:00

A: Bipole and dipole surround speakers are designed to disperse the sound. This can be helpful to create a large environment, but they sacrifice pinpoint point imaging of the elements of a movie. Our CG4 speakers have great dispersion and precise imaging. They deliver a 3 dimensional sonic environment, but also accurately place the elements in this environment. Therefore, we do not offer bipole or dipole speakers.

Q: Do I need two subwoofers2015-12-15T13:04:14-08:00

A: Normally no. Even in large home theaters, our customers tell us they can’t turn up our Speedwoofer 10 all the way. We always suggest that you try one first. You could always add a second one later. There is a situation where a second subwoofer might be helpful. Some rooms have terrible bass distribution. This causes the bass to be intense in some locations and lacking in others. Usually, this problem can be solved by relocating the subwoofer. However, if this doesn’t solve the problem or you don’t have the flexibility to relocate the subwoofer, a second subwoofer may be advisable to make the bass more even throughout. Also, there are some who have extremely large room, can’t get enough of bone-rattling bass, or both. If you fall into the later category, a second Speedwoofer 10 will give you intense bass that borders on a religious experience.

Q: Are in-ceiling and in-wall speakers as good as boxed speakers2016-12-16T09:21:13-08:00

A: For the front of your room, we recommend boxed speakers such as our CG4 and CG24. Although our in-wall and in-ceiling speakers sound very good, the CG4 and CG24 will create a better sonic image. For the surround speakers, many of our customers use our W26 In-wall or C34 In-ceiling speakers and achieve excellent results. The advantage of using CG4 speakers as surrounds is that they will achieve a little better imaging of movie elements.

Q: Can I use your In-wall or In-ceiling speakers as stereo speakers in another room?2015-12-15T13:03:36-08:00

A: Definitely. Besides matching the acoustical properties of our other speakers, they were designed to be great stereo speakers on their own.

Q: I’ve painfully suffered through all of your FAQs and couldn’t find the answer to my question.2015-12-15T13:03:05-08:00

A: We already knew this was going to happen and you have our apology. We’ll be happy to answer your question if you email or call us (800-905-5485). If we like your question, we’ll add it to our FAQs.