If you’re fortunate enough to have high speed internet without strict data limits, you owe it to yourself to check out Netflix’s instant viewing service. Netflix is the company that K.O.’d Blockbuster and other video rental places. Can you remember the days where you had to jump in your car, fight the traffic to get to your video rental store. Then, after making your selection, which you hoped they’d have in stock, you’d make your way to the checkout line. Hopefully, the required paperwork would be in order and finally you’d check out as the person handed you the video as you were about to exit. Then after watching the movie, came the stress of getting it back in time to avoid late fees.

So along came Netflix (I wish I had bought their stock back then) and their red envelopes. Choose a movie online and most of the time you got it within 48 hours. When you sent it back, it almost seemed like they acknowledge receiving it before you sent it (I wonder if they were using wormholes). Even with all this convenience and no late fees, I still had unwatched movies sitting around for weeks at a time.

Enter Netflix instant viewing. At about 8 bucks a month, this is one of the best bargains going. No movies to send back. No trips to the video store. Their selection is good and getting better all time. All you need is a high speed internet connection and a Netflix player. Virtually all smart TVs have a Netflix player built in. If your TV doesn’t have one, you can get an inexpensive Blu-ray player that does. Also Sony’s PS3s have Netflix players.

Depending on your Internet speed, the video quality can be quite good, even approaching HD quality. The faster the connection, the better the video. If possible use a wired network connection. I personally use it with a fast wireless connection and it works pretty well. Sound isn’t bad either with some shows available with Dolby surround. If your movie isn’t available in Dolby surround, using the Dolby Pro Logic (DPLII) function in your receiver can give you a pretty convincing surround experience.