Outsider Both

In case you missed last week’s newsletter, we announced the introduction of the new RSL Outsider II indoor/outdoor speakers. After the newsletter went out, we received a number of questions about installing them. So, we thought we give you a few pointers in this newsletter. The owners manual that comes with the Outsider IIs contains a lot of useful info as well. We’d be happy to email a copy to you. Just let us know.

1. Powering your speakers – Many home theater receivers offer zone 2 capability. Using the 2nd zone is very convenient and it often lets you control the volume independently of the main system in your home. As different brands handle the other zones differently, we suggest consulting your owners manual. Another way of powering the speakers is with a stereo receiver or integrated amplifier. Often these can power speakers inside your home and have a speaker B selector that can power the Outsiders.

2. Speaker wire – If the wire is going to be exposed to the elements, we recommend getting wire specifically designed for outdoor use. It will have UV protection that will help the insulation last.  Most home improvement stores carry this type of wire. It doesn’t specifically have to be speaker wire. However, we suggest getting a thicker, multi-stranded wire like 12 gauge, especially if you need to do long runs.

3. Mounting – As you may know, the Outsider IIs come with speaker brackets. When mounting to the wall, use a wall anchor that is rated to hold the weight of the speakers. Also, be sure you know what is in the wall behind the speakers so you don’t drill into electrical, gas, or plumbing lines!

4. Positioning – The Outsider IIs can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Generally, the large expanse of the outdoors tends to absorb bass. If possible, position the speakers to maximize bass. The more wall surfaces adjacent to the speakers, the more bass. The most bass can be obtained by mounting the speakers on walls, in corners and near the ceiling (when applicable).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We created the RSL Outsider II so you could get rich, high-end sound outdoors. Almost 35 years ago, RSL introduced the very first high fidelity outdoor speaker, The Outsider. Up until then, outdoor speakers were mainly metal or plastic horns that sounded horrible, like an airport P.A. system. The original Outsider was a huge success and the start of a revolution.

The next generation Outsider II is an audiophile speaker that’s good enough to be used indoors. It combines our decades of speaker experience with our factory-direct pricing. We know that good outdoor speakers already exist (you can find them at local audio/video boutiques for typically between $400 and $750 a pair. And let’s not forget that the Outsider IIs come with mounting brackets, free shipping to the 48 states, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Start having more fun outside. Order your set today!