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Although a lot has changed in the speaker industry since we started 43 years ago, the goal of a perfect speaker hasn’t. A perfect speaker sonically disappears - leaving only sound in its purest state, and creating a rich and detailed sound stage in front of you. Until now, speakers that paproach this goal cost many thousands of dollars and require large, floor-standing platforms. But now, a small box speaker has come closer to sonic perfection than ever before. This is the RSL CG4.

This is where some people are thinking, “sonic perfection? speaker?...impossible!” In the past, they’d be right considering box speakers have always struggled with cabinet resonance and standing waves.

This is where the CG4 is different. It uses a patented new form of tuning technology called Compression Guide. Using a series of mathematical formulas Compression Guide tuning divides the inside of the CG4 cabinet into areas of calculated compression and decompression, preventing the majority of resonance and standing waves from occurring in the first place. Whereas traditional box speakers have always compromised sonic purity by adding coloration, the Compression Guide cabinet leaves sound untarnished. And supplementing the CG4 with the highest quality parts and construction creates a reference quality box speaker capable of near sonic perfection at a shockingly low price.

The CG4 delivers such a high end reference quality sound in both stereo and home theater configurations that Home Theater Magazine made it a “Top Pick of the Year.”