This is nothing to do with speakers, audio or home theater, but I’m sick of being constantly asked to participate in surveys! Anytime you call anybody for help, whether it’s your bank or your trash company, they want you to fill out a survey either through an email or by phone. And, if you buy a new car, forget about it. You’ll get a bunch of surveys. Some of them may even have a dollar bill in it in order to guilt you into filling out dozens of dumb questions that have nothing to do with you and provide answers that don’t fit the situation. And then there are the random phone calls (and don’t get me started!); “We’re conducting a survey, do you have a few minutes?” As a result, people don’t want to have anything to do with surveys.

It makes it hard for us. When people purchase our home theater speaker systems, we really want their feedback. While we get some, many people, although very satisfied don’t bother. We understand why. It’s because of all the surveys we get bombarded with. When we’d have the occasion to speak with them, they’d tell us how happy they were with our speakers. I think the world has gone survey crazy.