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Outsider Both

Many of you already enjoy rich, high-end sound in your home. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy that same level of sound outside (without having to open your windows)? We know a good portable speaker can “get the job done,” but can it ever compare to the sound you enjoy inside? We think you sound outside should be as good as your sound inside. That’s why we created the RSL Outsider II.

Almost 35 years ago RSL introduced the very first high fidelity outdoor speaker, The Outsider. Up until then outdoor speakers were mainly metal or plastic horns that sounded horrible, like an airport P.A. system. The original Outsider was a huge success and the start of a revolution.

The next generation, Outsider II, is an audiophile outdoor speaker that’s good enough to be used indoors. It combines our decades of speaker experience with our factory pricing. We know that good outdoor already exist (you can find them at local audio/video boutiques, typically for between $400 and $750 a pair). But save your money, because the Outsider II delivers the same quality for only $250 a pair. And let’s not forget that the Outsider IIs come with mounting brackets, free shipping to the 48 states, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Start having more fun outside.

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