RSL Takes On The Highest Priced Audio & Video at the T.H.E. Show.

RSL Speakers participated at the recent T.H.E. Show June 1-3. T.H.E. stands for Total Home Entertainment and included both audiophile stereo and home theater exhibits. Approximately 7,000 people attended. The show was a bit strange, but I’ll get to that in a minute. We had 2 rooms adjacent to each other; one for stereo and the other for home theater. We had a constant stream of friendly people for the three days. We were surprised at how many RSL Speaker owners came to our room. Some were still enjoying their speakers they bought in the 70’s.

Many of the rooms at the show featured the most expensive audio equipment imaginable. Speakers costing anywhere from $20,000 to over $100,000 per pair were not hard to find. When you add the electronics and cables,  you’re looking at the same bucks as an exotic sports car. Most of the people we spoke to said that they couldn’t afford this type of equipment, although it was nice to look at. If few can afford their products, I wonder how some of these ultra high end manufacturers justify their presence at the show. It’s probably why at these shows, you see new names every year and many of the names from last year don’t come back. People said that our speakers were more in their price range (I think we were the most affordable speakers at the show). Yet, thankfully nobody used the “C” word (compromise) when referring to our sound quality.